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27 year old girl (don't call me ma'am!) who loves mary janes, old cameras & black tulips & daises.


I'm an Icelandic girl living and working in London indefinitely.

I live for pretty things, good music, love glossy magazines and my shoes, everything Wes Anderson does (oh and Jason Schwartzman).

I talk to myself. Constantly. Always. Seriously. I do.

My birthday is January 1st. I'm the second Icelander to be born in 1981. First in Reykjavík though! (and don't you forget it!)

One of my favourite quotes is from Jennifer : "I have to live in a world where I can break things / things break" (This was said after a few pints so the exact words are a bit fuzzy)

Hate peppers, asparagus & ommelettes. Love all things lemon & pink.

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photography+cameras, design, fashion, textiles, shoes, travelling, music, reading magazines & good books.